We had heard of a small but booming town to the North. The travelers had said it is a town of much beauty and wholesome community. Having grown quite weary of our time in the big city, we wondered of the opportunities elsewhere. Seeking a slower pace of life, we headed North on what we hoped to be our final journey to a town called Tehachapi.

Exhausted but hopeful, we arrived to find our first scenic view of what they call the Tehachapi's and the famed Sierra Nevada Mountains to the North. Hosting a small, protected town hidden between the desert and the valley, we knew our time to settle and plant our roots has come. Upon our arrival many of the community accepted us as if we had been friends for many years. Our account of our first meeting of the community was a humbling experience. Having been in the city for many years, we did not know this type of warmth and comradery.

As time grows, we continue to feel a sense of belonging. The community here is still traditional and heavily engaged in the highest levels of integrity. When men shake hands, a deal is still made, the women are still nurturing to their families, and the community as a whole is one with great pride. A refreshing change for my darling wife and me. With a sense of relief, we continue to aspire to contribute what we can to this community and now who we call our new friends.

As time continues, we have found many things in Tehachapi. Our faith has grown and our love for our neighbors has been the basis of who we unknowingly always wanted to be. We cannot help but to feel an overwhelming sense of quality to our new way of life simply because of this community.

I leave you with this. We count our blessings each day the sun rises in the East knowing we have found what we feel to be, our final settling location. Raising a glass of the finest of Whiskeys, we thank this community for their kindness and acceptance.

Here is to all in this small but powerful community of Tehachapi.